Specialty niche, uncommon results.

Expertise rooted in relationships,

In January 2021 Alize joined the Artex family. Alize offers exclusive access to niche reinsurance opportunities in the marine, energy and aerospace industries. Our team of leading experts has the relationships and market insight to guide you to plug and play opportunities in Non Proportional and Proportional Retrocessional transactions.

Our experience combined with our proprietary actuary intelligence provides entrance into this intricate market. Our approach combines strong relationships with unique market intelligence powered by trust and performance.

Possibilities for diversification
We offer insight into the underwriting and actuary reinsurance space by bringing clarity and opportunity. By leveraging our relationships and experience, we are able to offer ready-made facilities for better risk protection and control.

Engagement based in global experience
Our team has proven experience with the largest underwriting and pricing practices in the world including Lloyd’s. We have over 30 years of experience and relationships built on proven success. By leveraging our collective intelligence, the team has developed a balance sheet utilizing the proprietary pricing and aggregations tools for a portfolio of marine, energy and aerospace reinsurance business.

Why Alize?

Alize is a trade wind. This name captures the essence of what we do. Like a good trade wind, we provide liquidity and better opportunities for reinsurance.

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The Art of Risk

At Artex, we believe there is more to alternative risk management. As a trusted leader and provider of diverse (re)insurance and ILS solutions, our global team operates at the intersection of art and science—where creative thinking meets expertise and superior outcomes are made. That’s how we’re able to fully understand our clients’ needs and deliver the most comprehensive solutions available.

Established in more than 30 domiciles internationally, we’re here to help you make empowered decisions with confidence, reduce your total cost of risk and improve your return on capital. At Artex, we believe in finding you a better way.


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