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As a solutions company, our job at Artex is to deliver results. We offer a full range of alternative risk insurance management options as well as providing the risk management tools that allow businesses to thrive. Our tools not only take into consideration an operation’s experience but also examine what lies ahead. By so doing, we take a proactive, risk-enabled approach that gives businesses the information they need to make changes and the flexibility and agility to seize new opportunities. We understand that today’s environment means companies need to meet constant market, demographic and regulatory changes through ongoing operational and strategic evolution.

Our global services are designed to minimize corporate risk; proactively mitigate losses; strengthen workplace safety, return-to-work, and wellness programs; address health & safety compliance e.g. OSHA and ongoing regulatory changes; effectively manage claims and expenditures; and assess whether current solutions continue to align with a client’s operational and strategic goals. At Artex, we believe there is an upside to risk when the right solutions and services are in place for our clients.

We offer the same risk management solutions to our commercial carrier clients, as our alternative risk management clients. Benefit from our expertise in the areas of claims analytics, claims management and claims advocacy. Ready to learn more about the specifics? Visit us here.

The Art of Risk

At Artex, we believe there is more to alternative risk management. As a trusted leader and provider of diverse (re)insurance and ILS solutions, our global team operates at the intersection of art and science—where creative thinking meets expertise and superior outcomes are made. That’s how we’re able to fully understand our clients’ needs and deliver the most comprehensive solutions available.

Established in more than 30 domiciles internationally, we’re here to help you make empowered decisions with confidence, reduce your total cost of risk and improve your return on capital. At Artex, we believe in finding you a better way.


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