Group Stop-Loss Captives Reimagined As A Single Company

Feb 06, 2018

Property and casualty group captives provide mid-sized employers with access to risk financing vehicles typically only accessed by larger, Fortune 1,000 companies. By banding together in a group captive, mid-sized employers can replicate the risk profile of larger employers. I’ve always thought of group captives as being a large company re-imagined.

I also see these larger employers gaining significant advantages for their employer-sponsored healthcare plans; managing cost drivers and achieving a 2%–3% annual medical cost trend increase that is more in line with general U.S. inflation, as compared to the more typical and unsustainable 10% average for medical cost trend. How do they do it?

In this whitepaper, we will cover:

  • Healthy cooking for high performance
  • Risk management maximized
  • The group captive continuum
  • Moving from dividend eligible stop-loss to a better way to finance stop-loss
  • Some food for thought