ON DEMAND: Quick Talks: A case study on Complex Property Reinsurance

Start Date: 02/24/2021 13:00 CST
Length: 30 minutes

This year, we’ll be offering a series of short yet informative sessions on alternative risk and captive insurance called QUICK TALKS. The objective is to provide you with salient points on topical subjects that increase your knowledge and drive new business and higher retention for you and your agency. These sessions will be no more than 30 minutes, with key experts in Artex that are dedicated to giving you the details without overloading you with too many slides.

In the first session, we focus on a case study featuring a complex property reinsurance placement featuring captive insurance. Steve McElhiney and Matt Atkinson walk you through a recent win, detailing the situation, the solution and the expected results.

Watch on-demand.

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