ON DEMAND: Healthcare Solutions for a Hardening Market

Start Date: 12/31/2020 10:50 CDT
Length: 45 minutes

For the remainder of 2020, Artex will be hosting a monthly webinar series on alternative risk solutions for a hardening market. We will feature a variety of topics and industries that are particularly affected by the onset of a tightening and increasingly challenging insurance market.

Our second session is designed for brokers within the healthcare space. We know your clients are facing a tough market, with additional complexities added in based on the pandemic. Whether its limited market capacity through a reduction in limits and exclusions, geography concerns or challenging jurisdictions, you know that the standard market doesn’t have the capacity that you need and the costs your clients can afford, as the market continues to harden for the healthcare industry. We’ll cover some creative solutions and programs that we’ve crafted for our clients using captive insurance and cell companies, as well as trends that we’re seeing as move into the last half of the year and head into 2021.

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