Nonprofit Guaranteed Cost Workers Compensation

Sep 13, 2018

Our guaranteed cost program is designed to accommodate the specialized workers compensation needs of the nonprofit industry. Launched in 2010 in conjunction with the Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group and a global carrier, our program is available in all states except DE, MA, NY, OR and RI.

Targeted Classes of Business

  • Boy Scout and Girl Scout organizations
  • Civil rights, social action, advocacy (no protest organization or civil disobedience)
  • Community improvement, community capacity building (does not include construction)
  • Consumer protection, legal aid 
  • Daycare
  • Disease/disorder-related health organizations
  • Education/instruction and related — formal and nonformal
  • Employment/jobs (employees driving from location to location are ineligible)
  • Food, nutrition, agriculture
  • Health — general and rehabilitation, luxury or private facilities only
  • Health — mental health, crisis intervention
  • Human service and other, including multipurpose (social services)
  • Philanthropy, volunteerism and grant making foundations (volunteers should be less than staff)
  • Public/society benefit
  • Research, planning, science, technology, technical assistance