Norwalk, Connecticut

Oct 16, 2020

Welcome to Norwalk, Connecticut

Our Second Sightseeing Excurision.

We’re on a long journey between Sri Lanka and Hawaii. Along the way, we’re going on a few sightseeing excursions to take a peek at some of the other Artex offices that aren’t on our route.

Second stop: Norwalk, Connecticut.

We’re spending a little time here so we can get to know Martin Hughes, executive vice president of Underwriting for Artex North America. Martin may work in Connecticut, but his team is spread across Chicago, Dallas and Bermuda. Born and raised in England, Martin has lived in the United States for more than 20 years. When not at work, you’ll find Martin in a friendly darts (or snooker) competition or spending time outside in his yard, making giant fires in his fire pit, perhaps accompanied by some good ale and music.

Martin and his team are responsible for reinsurance, programs, rent-a-captives and Bermuda intermediary work. When asked to describe his position, Martin replied, “My role is to assess some of the newer, more challenging opportunities presented to us and figuring how Artex may help the client achieve that balance of taking on risk vs. paying premium to an insurance company. It’s the area where I believe insurance becomes more fun; you are presented with a unique challenge and you use your creativity and box of tools to go figure it out!”

Fun facts about Norwalk:

  • Norwalk has the nickname “Oyster Town” due to its prominent oyster fisheries.
  • Just 45 minutes from New York, Norwalk is Connecticut’s sixth largest city.
  • Ciroc vodka, distilled from French grapes rather than potatoes, is bottled in Norwalk. Sean Combs, the multitalented entertainer, oversees the vodka’s lifestyle branding and marketing initiatives, and is known to fly in via helicopter to visit the facility.
  • It’s a popular destination, especially during the summer, with over 1,000 acres of beaches, parks and recreation areas.
  • In 1915, Johnny Gruelle invented Raggedy Ann. He wrote and illustrated a number of books for young children using the character and received a U.S. Patent for the doll design.
  • Cartoonist Hank Ketcham, creator of “Dennis the Menace,” was born in Norwalk in 1920

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