Artex Steps Forward Scottsdale, AZ

Oct 29, 2020

Welcome to Scottsdale, AZ

The 10th stop in our walk around the world

We’ve arrived at Scottsdale, Arizona ― our 10th milestone in our walk around the world!

Scottsdale is located near the Arizona State Capitol of Phoenix and represents over 18,500 miles in our total journey around the world. Andy Atsaves, executive vice president, Artex North America, leads a team of about 50 individuals who specialize in complex workers compensation underwriting of PEOs (professional employment organizations), also known as the HR outsourcing sector. Artex acquired this business in 2007, but Andy has been with the former company since 1996, so he has quite a bit of expertise in this field! Andy has a lot of good stories about insurance and advice for people seeking to enter this field. “Plain and simple, insurance is not sexy like tech, per se. Having said that, insurance is a product every person and every company needs, and as Pat Gallagher (our parent company’s CEO) says, ‘it’s the oxygen of commerce, and without it there’s no business.’ The insurance industry is finally awakening to diversity, and my advice to young people thinking about the industry is simple. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by the non-sexy stigma. Whether you are ‘front of the house’ or ‘back of the house,’ there’s room on the arc to forge amazing and meaningful careers.”

The Scottsdale team is very engaged in charitable activities and has a special team that helps promote their annual drives. For more than 8 years this group has supported the Susan G. Komen Foundation through bake sales, meal sales and other activities. They also have supported the American Cancer Society and the Alzheimer’s Association, just to name a few. One of Andy’s favorite charities to support is the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. We are excited to see what this office will contribute over the course of our global journey!

Fun facts about Scottsdale:

  • Scottsdale has an average of 314 sunny days per year.
  • The city is well known for its resorts and golfing (over 200 courses exist!), an activity that Andy Atsaves loves to do!
  • Ever heard of a haboob? They happen in Arizona and are incredible. Check out this video to learn more and see what one looks like.
  • They have a town slogan: The West’s Most Western Town. They celebrate this during the city’s Parada Del Sol (Parade of the Sun), a tradition for more than 60 years.
  • The city was originally known as Orangedale, because of its ability to grow citrus fruit. Close by was a property owned by Winfield Scott. Once, a newspaper mistakenly referred to the town as Scottsdale, and it’s stuck ever since.

Looking for a family-friendly activity?

Check out the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and learn more about the desert and its animals, tour the museum and check out some fun online games!


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