Artex Steps Forward Mesa, AZ

Oct 28, 2020

Welcome to Mesa, Arizona

The ninth stop on our walk around the world

Welcome to Mesa, Arizona – the ninth stop on our Artex Steps Forward journey.

We’ve crossed the Pacific Ocean and after visiting Honolulu, we’ve landed on the continental United States. Kevin Heffernan, executive vice president of Artex North America, leads the team here. Kevin leads our captive operations, including domicile management across the U.S., and people management of staff in Mesa, Hawaii, Vermont and South Carolina. The team in Mesa specializes in captive management (especially single-parent and medical stop-loss), as well as risk pool administration. When he’s not in the office, Kevin loves being outdoors. He especially loves skiing the snow-covered slopes in the Burlington, Vermont area. Managing the operations of various locations throughout COVID-19 has been a challenge, so when things have settled down Kevin is looking forward to spending time with his adult children, who live in Austin and Chicago.

Fun facts about Mesa:

  • The world’s largest Wurlitzer theater organ can be found in Mesa. It has more than 5,500 pipes!

  • Mesa is more than 2,000 years old and its first settlers were the Hohokam Native American tribe, meaning “All Used Up” or “The Departed Ones.” They built the original canal system, which was the largest and most sophisticated in the prehistoric New World. Unfortunately, these people disappeared completely by 1450 AD, and no one knows why or what happened.

  • The city was then settled by the Mormons in 1878, who put these canals to use for irrigation.

  • Mesa is derived from the Spanish word for table, because the landscape in Mesa resembles a table top. Prior to Mesa, it was known as Zenos.

  • The Chicago Cubs baseball team host their annual spring training camp here every year.

Looking for family activities? You can visit Mesa virtually and learn more about the Hohokam, the Mesa Grande Ruins and more at the Arizona Museum of Natural History. Check out their website here.



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