Artex Steps Forward Hamilton, Bermuda

Nov 16, 2020

Welcome to Hamilton, Bermuda

The 18th stop in our walk around the world challenge


Welcome to Hamilton, Bermuda ― the 18th stop on our journey around the world.

So far we’ve taken more than 51 million steps, which equates to 24,517 miles! We’re one stop away from completing our journey. But before we celebrate, let’s learn a bit more about Bermuda.

Bermuda is where Artex was born, more than 20 years ago by its founders David McManus, Peter Mullen and Jennifer Gallagher. What started with only three staff members has become a worldwide organization with more than 500 colleagues across the globe.

 Here in Bermuda, with staff totaling more than 75 people, the team is focused on a variety of alternative risk areas, including captive management, wholesale brokerage and insurance linked securities. Within the captive world, the team manages a portfolio of insurance companies that are licensed and regulated in Bermuda, and acts as a fully outsourced management function, staffing and running these entities. Within the world of insurance-linked securities (ILS), our team specializes in reinsurance facilitation, fund administration and commercial re/insurance.

We have a very active group of employees in Bermuda. Not only are they marathon runners, swimmers, rowers, golfers, divers and tennis players, they also actively support their country and its people through numerous charitable organizations. In fact, there is a steering committee that works to select charities and organize volunteer time, as well as visits to the office to educate staff on various topics. Organizations include Meals on Wheels, Keep Bermuda Beautiful, Bermuda Education Network, Bermuda Zoological Society, Bermuda Rowing Association and the Bermuda Breast Cancer Society.

Our team is directed by a group of exceptional leaders. And their stories, just like the Artex story, is one of growth, integration and celebration.

Let’s start with Peter Mullen, our CEO. As we mentioned earlier, Peter was one of our founders. He worked at our parent company, Gallagher, and then at Artex for more than 20 years before leaving to run Aon’s global captive practice. After eight years, Peter returned ‘home’ in March 2019, taking over the CEO role while David McManus moved into the Chairman role. His advice for people entering the world of insurance? “Find a mentor early on. That way you’ll receive honest feedback and guidance. Plus, if you’re interested in ‘climbing the ladder’ at the office, they’ll be able to help you and confirm that the ladder is leaning against the correct wall.” When he’s not in the office, you’ll find Peter on the golf course or spending time with his wife on their boat. During our challenge, Peter is walking and donating to The Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation, a charity set up by his cousin, which is focused on providing home nursing care for terminally ill children under the age of five, in Peter’s native country of Ireland.

Next up we have Andre Perez, CEO of Horseshoe. Horseshoe joined the Artex family in November 2019 through an acquisition, and Andre now leads Artex’s ILS division, which is the largest ILS service provider in the world with staff in Bermuda, Cayman, London, Guernsey, North Carolina and Sri Lanka. Andre’s advice for new starters is this: “Work hard, learn as much as you can on the job, obtain insurance credentials and be interested and engaged. Always treat people with respect, but never fear speaking your mind.” When Andre isn’t working or spending time with his family, you’ll find him on the tennis court or rowing. For our walking challenge, Andre is supporting The Bermuda Rowing Association as they try to launch a youth learning program for adolescents in public schools. 

Scott Cobon is Managing Director of the Bermuda office, responsible for all staff. He’s been with the company since 2015, but has a long history with the company and the captive and ILS area. In 2016, Artex acquired Kane’s insurance management operations, where he worked from 2008 to 2012. “For me, the most rewarding part about my job at Artex is the fact that I work alongside some very talented individuals, both my colleagues at the company as well as my clients. When it comes to anyone who wants to work in insurance, my advice is to have fun. Yes, this is a job, but you need to enjoy what you do and the people that you work with.” Scott is married with three children, so when he’s not with his family you’ll find him playing rugby, a sport he’s been active in since he was a child. For this walking challenge, Scott is supporting The Eliza DoLittle Society, whose mission is to alleviate food insecurity in Bermuda.  

William Wood is Director, Captive & Commercial for our Bermuda operations. He is the newest member of the senior leadership team and has been with the company just a few months. In fact, he joined the same week we launched Artex Steps Forward. This is a newly created role in which he is responsible for leading the Bermuda captive and commercial re/insurance management operations. William, who is British, has been in Bermuda for 27 years and is married to a Bermudian. Outside of the office he enjoys woodworking projects and hanging out with his two dogs, Barney and Murphy.  

Yulanda Francis is President of Horseshoe Re, where she manages a team of accounting, underwriting and collateral management specialists who transform investment products into reinsurance products. Each team manages their part of the transaction, collectively bringing it to a close – which means their work allows investors to participate in a fully collateralized reinsurance transaction. A native of Bermuda, Yulanda likes to spend her time outside of the office helping others. She sits on the board of the Bermuda Education Network, a charity that supports public school teachers and students by providing a range of programs that empower teachers and provides experiential learning opportunities for students. Yulanda has trained in martial arts for many years and currently holds a 3rd degree black belt in Uechi Ruy karate. These days she likes to share her knowledge, and you can find her as an assistant teacher in children’s karate lessons.  

Fun facts about Bermuda:

  • Bermuda is the shipwreck capital of the world, with more than 300 of them surrounding the island, making it a world-class diving destination.
  • The country is only 21 square miles, yet they have more golf courses per capita than anywhere else in the world! And because it is an average of one mile across, you’re able to reach water within moments of wherever you are.
  • The country has two signature drinks: the Dark & Stormy (ginger beer and black rum) and the Rum Swizzle (similar to a Planter’s Punch).
  • Famous Bermudian dishes are cod-fish breakfast (served with potatoes, avocado and banana… though you won’t find Peter ever eating this, as he is not a fan); fish chowder (very different from the New England version); cassava pie; and rum cake.
  • The country’s national bird is a Bermuda Petrel, commonly called a Cahow, however it is rarely seen. The Cahow is known for its loud cries and is the world’s second rarest seabird who was thought to be extinct 300 years ago. More than likely, visitors will see the dramatic seabird called the White-Tailed Tropic Bird, or Longtail, which are very beautiful.
  • Bermuda does not have any rivers, lakes or sources of spring water. The only source of water is rain water, which is collected from the residents’ stair-stepped roofs and stored in underground tanks.
  • You cannot rent a car in Bermuda, only a motor scooter.
  • Bermuda was originally known as the “Isle of Devils”, because sailors believed it was both treacherous and haunted due to its stormy weather, its loud howling noises at night time (coming from the Cahow mentioned above) and its ring of coral reef surrounding the island.
  • When people hear Bermuda they automatically think of the Bermuda Triangle, where it is said that numerous aircraft and ships have disappeared due to mysterious circumstances. Bermuda, along with Puerto Rico and Miami, forms the three points of the triangle. Though people around the world will often speculate about the Bermuda Triangle, it isn’t anything local Bermudians speak about.


Looking for a family-friendly activity? With the holidays coming up, you’ll find that most Bermudians will have cassava (also known as yucca) pie as part of their celebrations. The Fairmont Southampton, a local resort, shared their recipe here and four well-known locals shared their recipes here.


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