Opening up new opportunities.

There’s strength in partnerships, growth in expertise.

Building relationships is at the core of our success. We are a global organization that has grown, one partnership at a time. We specialize in providing best-in-class alternative risk transfer solutions and work with firms whose talent, expertise, performance enable us to deliver better results for our clients and partners. Our goal is to provide our clients and referral networks with substantially greater scale and resource breadth.

Growth of better

Over the last few years, we have partnered with some of the smartest and most respected voices in our industry. This gives us the leverage to expand our product offerings for better client outcomes. We have merged with companies that have allowed us to: strengthen our expertise in the U.K. auto market; enter into the market with strong ILS capacity; broaden our reach and strength in the formation and management of insurance and alternative risk solutions with expertise in the health care, insurance, financial services, transportation and construction industries; and strategically expand our captive management facility beyond North America, and other regions.

A culture of expertise and empathy

We value creative, independent thought, and people who listen and respond, who are passionate about client service. And we are looking for partners to bring those qualities to existing and prospective clients. We support that independence with the additional financial strength and stability that comes from being a part of Artex.

In looking at a potential partner, there are several key characteristics that help create a synergistic relationship with Artex. This includes a shared vision of innovation, passion and energy in developing sound, customized solutions for our clients. What’s important to us is the ability to seamlessly integrate our teams to ensure that clients are well taken care of. Organizations that we are interested in speaking with include:

  • Program Managers or MGAs with a specialty focus and demonstrated niche expertise
  • Captive, Risk Retention Group or Self-Insurance Group managers
  • A distribution and production platform centered on retail agency relationships
  • Reinsurance Intermediaries focusing on program or alternative risk business
  • Wholesale Brokers with a specialty focus

The power of partnerships

By joining Artex, you gain access to the strength of our carrier relationships, a well-defined agency distribution system; proven financial stability; operational autonomy; collaborative expertise; diversification in product and services to weather volatile market conditions; resources for product development; marketing and communications for brand support; and operational efficiencies.

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Redefining the way risk is managed is what Artex is all about. We want to help our clients achieve greater focus on where their challenges lie and how the complexity of these challenges can be better served with creative, collaborative solutions that are aligned with their unique business strategies. Achieving this involves a tremendous pool of talent, part of which comes from our strategic mergers and acquisitions.

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